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Heuwerk as a company

As a company we are rather old. Heuwerk was established 2009 and in the beginning we were a logistics company. 2016 the policy of the company changed and we made consulting for different logistics companies. We were developing future ports, we did port logistics, we did everything that was related to port business. At the same time we established a web shop and in the beginning we sold a lot export products.

2019 we made a decision to focus on making jewellery. Artist Ilkka went to a course in order to learn how to handle glass and to learn lampwork.

Nowadays we produce glass beads made from Murano glass. Murano is a small island located near by Venice. Ilkka makes the beads and those are also the beads Elwira uses for her jewellery. The products are unique.

Heuwerk makes also beautiful bracelets from silver. 2021 Heuwerk has applied for TUKES rights to use own name stamp, so we are allowed to sell and produce jewellery under our own brand

You can wind TUKES decision from here tästä.

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    Ilkka Leino

    Managing Director

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    Ismo Tuomikoski

    Commercial Director

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